Monday, 25 March 2013

Awkward Flegger Photos

Before the sudden love of flegs the fleggers were yer average dumb bigot who got their 5 a day in inches up their holes. Eating vegetables is just wrong. You don't see Jesus eating veggies, hes all into fish suppers and sandals.

The Willie Frazer Story will be followed by a prequel 'Willie Frazer Space Command' in which Ryan Gosling plays a young Willie.

While Jamie Bryson is serving his time in prison for shite stirring hes learning the electric guitar so he can take his band 'SuperFleg' on tour if he ever gets freed ..... except all he has is a banjo so he has to pretend... hes good at that. 

Since the fleg came doon the fleggers have become restless, on non-designated fleg flying days they can be seen loving their teddies for comfort. 

Of course younger fleggers are too cool for teddies and chose something else. Flat cap = I luv the battle of the Somme by the way.
Heres UVF hardman Colin (The Stapler) Simpson with his cat Fleg .... oh come on what else was it going to be called?