Friday, 8 March 2013

Alcoholism Is Not An Illness


In the Belfast Telegraph newspaper it said, £264,879 in disability benefits is handed over to alcoholics who can't work in Northern Ireland every week. 

Now this is the paper that has referred to Benjamin Franklin as being a president of the US ... several times! so don't go thinking you'll get facts there. It's like a blog but on paper and unlike this you pay for it ..... you cheap cunts, give me money!

Now before you go on about, 'oh they can't help it, it's an illness' you think about how you feel about fat folks. 


Why is there such a stigma over fat people but drunks get a free pass cos it's an illness?

Like I said.... stigma. No one is saying, "don't slag off the fat person it's an illness." 

A gurl's picture was up on a forum , she was pretty with ample cleavage but because she was fat .... er sorry over weight she got comments like, 'I want to stab her in the neck with a knife' just because she was big boned..... aye her blood type is Bisto.   

There is this TV and radio presenter here called Stephen Nolan, hes one of those argumentative types who gets people riled up to get the viewers. Old Knudsen doesn't watch or listen to him as Old Knudsen does not like conflict.... ok thats a lie, Old Knudsen gets angry when confronted with stupid people and Nolan gives stupid people a platform to speak. 

Many don't like Nolan and if they complain about him the word fat is often used. Unlike drunks of course who get the called hell raiser . No wonder Nolan lives in Southern Callyfornia for a few months every year, they are less judgmental there and more grown up in every day life .... don't get me started on the media there though.

Now heres the part where Old Knudsen tells you what at you really should be thinking

There are many reasons for drinking, most of them boil doon to unhappiness of some kind.  You hate yer life, you hate some life events or you hate yerself.  When it is seen as normal to go out and get blootered every weekend then that doesn't help.... it's what you do, it's the way things are done, and other cliched excuses.
Old Knudsen loves exercise, he could watch it for hours. 

At the new year it was in the newspaper about a poll done in a Callyfornia fitness center for new years resolutions and the paper noted that 'not cutting doon on alcohol' was never mentioned.

Typical Northern Ireland reporting, they haven't been anywhere so they can only go by what they do.

In Callyfornia and a lot of the rest of the US drinking is not a big problem. They enjoy the odd drink but don't drink to get drunk ..... WTF?  it's seen as unacceptable to be shitfaced and out of control. Most alcoholics drink all the time and can still hold doon a job no problem, no one gives them money to sit about drinking. 
Drinking is a choice not an illness and when you stop giving a drunk money for drink guess what? yeah they stop drinking .... or being ill if you want. 

The depression that led to the drinking is an illness but Northern Ireland has a stigma about mental health too and the government health care is pathetic and unwilling to do anything for mental health care but pay it lip service.   

When a person can't work they are sent to a government contractor called Atos to be assessed. Their job is to cut doon the amount of people getting disability and they do their job well. By following the US model, if you can raise your hand to yer head or dress yerself then you can obviously do some form of job no matter if yer blind, terminally ill and unable to walk. Of course that doesn't mean there are jobs out there.

When an alcoholic goes into the Atos office do you think he goes in sober? of course not. He probably goes in talking shit and being abusive .... obviously hes ill then cos normal people don't get on like that.   

So to sum it up, being an alcoholic is as much an illness as being obese but you don't hear about 'beer tax' or how drinkers cost so much in healthcare resources. It's a double standard, they are both choices.... Smoking is another one.
No one goes out and buys the drink and pours if doon yer neck for you ..... you do that.  The addiction of habit can be tough to break but you have to really want to help yerself otherwise yer fucked.

The illness behind  excessive eating or drinking needs to stop being ignored, if you don't fix the roof gutter the mold doon the wall is only going to get worse. 

All that being said, it's Friday, and it's International weemen's day, time to get some liquor doon me neck and go out to pick up some lucky bitches..... Old Knudsen is irresistible to weemen when hes drunk. Big or small Old Knudsen shags them all. Lock up yer wives, daughters, sons and pets cos Old Knudsen has the horn!