Sunday, 10 February 2013

Willie Frazer Is Burned Out - And On The Edge

A man with a huge head and dodgy hair cut on the edge. Out for 'political' revenge against anything Catholic because terrorists killed his family.

The police won't protect him or give him a gun.... The crooked elected officials in power democratically stole his fleg .... Now Osama O'Reilly petrol bombed his car and hoose.

That was the last straw!

After making a Youtube at 4am at his burnt out door blaming the Catholics, Frazer is out for blood.

Watch this adrenaline hyped roller coaster ride centered around the shady world British Nazis hungry for power. Feast upon the fleg fueled Frazer, Bryson, Dowson love triangle .... who will be the daddy?   

His own people turning on him and threatening him, who will he go after for the petrol bombing? .......... the cock sucking Fenians of course .. duh!

Fun for the whole family, bring a brick, fleg and some fireworks.