Saturday, 23 February 2013

We're Not Egypt

Screen shot taken from Facebook group Loyalists Against Democracy.

Old Knudsen came to the conclusion many years ago that Northern Ireland people just aren't .... how can I say this without hurting their feelings? ...... funny!

The Protestant side has the most difficulty with all of their hang ups, you may get the odd one who appears humourous but once you cross the line with say ..... " The Orange Order are a hate group just like the KKK" or "Ballymena is a town full of sheep shagging farmers, tractors and bible thumping druggies" then you see their true nature.

One person once said, "there is no funny Protestant only ugly."

Not very deep and a little controlling which is why they sulk and go into tight lipped rages intent on revenge and grudges that last for years . I hate to say it but the Catholic cock sucker side in Northern Ireland can actually be funny.... it's a strange divide.

Those heavily into using the P word Protestant  and the C word Catholic as yer identities are just fucked and bitter to the core, no hope for them. They can't see others as people. 

Education is also a divide. While the Catholics were once oppressed enough for London to send in the troops to help them in 1969 now they tend to be the more educated ones. Protestants don't seem to value education. Even the ones with degrees can still believe the world is only 6000 years old.

It's called being open minded and having the will to better yerself. Is a degree in Politics a real qualification anyway?

The above screen shot says it all.  The picture on the left is clearly North Korea being brutal to it's people .... except it's not .

Maybe the brown middle eastern faces are a bit of a give away. A typical Protestant move. The friends of Willie Frazer FB group Googled for North Korea and saved the first picture they found, even though it explains where it is in the captions below it..... it was Egypt.  

Prods on a mission don't let facts get in the way of what they want and besides, all non-white people look the same to them.
The majority of Northern Ireland people have never traveled abroad, 2 weeks in Spain or Orlando don't really count.

Then you get the ones that do go abroad to live for a while and what do they find? people like themselves to hang out with.

I use to think people were stupid .... now I'm sure. Think of the people of Norn Iron as their hillbilly cousins in the US and you can understand it a bit better.  Get drunk, smoke a cig and do something mindless, all the while accepting things as being the way they are and that is the way you do it ... as long as it suits them.

You can see by Old Knudsen that their are the odd exception but we are indeed most odd and hide our free thinking ways from the mob.