Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Pope Connection

Britain's most senior Roman Catholic cleric, Cardinal Keith O'Brien resigned as leader of the Scottish Catholic Church only weeks before he was due to retire.

At least four priests said that dating back to the 1980's the Cardinal took having his ring kissed to a whole new level and often visited them in the night for some extra confessing and bead fingering.

These priests did not want this kind of attention but with O'Brien being high up they felt that they had to stay silent.... Who hasn't swallowed a load in order to keep yer job?

The Catholic church like the Boy scouts of America have had hundreds of cases of sexual abuse. All Christian organizations with lots of men present are bound to have it.

Mark Harbinson is the dirty pedo who groomed and assaulted a 13 year-old gurl in 2009 , he was in the Orange Order, a pseudo Christian group similar to the KKK. I will make a prediction that the Orange Order is next to be found harbouring loads of pedos.

The fleg protester Jim Dowson, the ex Orange Order member and friend of Cardinal O'Brien says hes cannot believe the claims against him as the Cardinal was very anti-abortion and anti-ghey and so he must be a nice person ..... makes you wonder what Mr Dowson has gotten up to.

Dowson is currently busy squeezing money out of the people of Northern Ireland. Described as a freelance bigot he jumps from group to group raising funds before getting kicked out. The sectarian racist is strangely quick to defend Cardinal O'Brien. 

Dowson was also a long time friend of Sir Jimmy Saville who also loved to raise money.

Cardinal O'Brien could quite possibly have a say in the next Pope so it is of no surprise that he was taken down at this time.
The anti-Christ moves in mysterious ways.

The next Pope will be a complete surprise..... for you.