Saturday, 2 February 2013

RIP Ron Jeremy

Famous actor Ron Jeremy died after a 3 day glazed donut bender which lead to the 59 year-old having a heart attack.
After suffering from chest pains he drove himself to an LA hospital where they carried out two heart operations. He slipped away early Saturday morning .... "He just went stiff" reported a nurse.

Jeremy seen here giving tennis lessons to a young lady in much need of a father figure. 

Famous for being fat and ugly and for having a huge cock. He gave up a teaching career to focus on his acting when he realised he had enormous talent that made him stand out from everyone else.

Charlie a close friend of Jeremy's said, "Ron was a larger than life person with a huge sense of fun,one time he got me to snort a long line of coke off his big hard sweaty erect cock and then lick off the residue ... ok, maybe that wasn't a very funny example. I'll miss Ron, sometimes he was a pain in the ass but he was very giving and would always crack me up."

Jeremy who is quoted as being president Obama's most favourite all time actor next to Humphrey Bogart will be sorely missed.