Saturday, 9 February 2013

North Korea Go Pop

North Korean guards can look smug all they like with a big rocket in the background but we all know they have little willies due to poor nutrition and well just being smaller.

They have had problems keeping their rockets up in the past but now the world is starting to wonder if Kim Jong Un can really keep it up.

 You all look the same to me but I fuck you all. 

The CIA and other agencies have been agonizing over Google earth images for months now.

Look, tunnels! well they are underground but still you can um see them-ish.

There has been increased activity north of Pyongyang at a secret location that everyone knows about.
Then there are videos being posted online showing nuke attacks on the US while We are the world plays in the background.

Kim must have watched the Red Dawn re-make and thought 'hey I could do this and win.'

 Yes I fuck you all too, plenty of dear leader juice to go around.

At a time when people are turning to cannibalism and eating their own children in North Korea Kim needs a distraction and he needs to get more aid to placate him. It looks like crazy has been handed doon from father to son.