Monday, 18 February 2013

New Pope Found

Who will the next Pope be? well maybe he should be a little younger than the usual candidates so you can get more out of him. Maybe a hunky dude so that would attract more people to the church.

 I'd go with a hot lady Pope, in fact I'd becum a Fenian cock sucker if this lass was Pope.

When the last Pope quit 666 years ago the new Pope locked up the quitter until he died so he wouldn't be around to undermine him.
The back then the Pope quit because he didn't like all the political bitching, he was more used to the hermit life, imprisonment worked out well for him then.

You may see Benny at yer local Wal-Mart greeting you and eying up yer children as you go in to shop.
Whoever it will be there will be someone to declare that they are the anti-christ. Satan just loves these distractions. All hail Satan BTW.