Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Mamoud Is A Monkey's Uncle

Did Iran really send a monkey into space? the footage of the before and after monkey says it didn't, wheres the monkey's mole? ...yeah not so technologically advanced now.

They said "oh one was from training footage, it's a different monkey" oh is it now? got yer story straight now? Check out the mole on it's head. The one on the left is the alleged back to earth monkey. Did aliens do cosmetic surgery on it?

For fucks sake yer monkey died didn't it? .... you just won't tell us in case we get upset , did the mice and turtles you send up last year die too? ..... for the love of Gog, just put them into a bag and throw them into a fucking river like everyone else.
I'm not a scientist .... I only play one on TV but if you strap an already tortured monkey to a rocket and blast it thousands of miles into the air it's gonna have a heart attack.


Iran is like North Korea, morons are in charge and they are crazy morons. So desperate to get nukes for energy .... not to destroy the world though. They only want them so America won't mess with them. The US only mess with weaker less advanced nations.

Rocket science is .... rocket science but these idiots can't get it right and so they lie.... Iran, yer a bunch of losers, go build sand castles or something, yer glory days are long over.