Monday, 25 February 2013

Leeds, The Home Of Pedos

Bray rolling to court.

Nothing good cums from Leeds, the Diocese of Leeds who took legal action against me, Jimmy Saville the nations most favourite pedo and now Alan Bray, a pervert who sent sexually explicit messages to a 14-year-old girl on Facebook.

He spoke to the gurl online while his wife was out and filthy images were found on his computer. His pathetic excuse was that he was like this because of his arthritis condition that made him unable to have sex ..... aye so you fancy children instead? I'm sick of dickheads making stupid excuses for their behaviour, it's called personal responsibility, look it up.

Look at the picture of the pedo above, covered up because of his shame and because hes a coward. You know who else look like pedos?

There is always some idiot excuse for behaving like a cunt. I'm poorly,I'm bored, I'm being stripped of something I don't even have, I'm not able to bully people anymore, I'm worried that if Catholics become the majority then they'll treat us as we treated them.

Fear and because you can are not reasons to behave badly.