Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Jamie Bryson Terrorist Puppet

Jamie Bryson one of the many uneducated mouth pieces of the flag protests has been arrested.... not! actually hes gone on the run and has even made a video saying hes done nothing wrong, well he didn't mention throwing yon rocks on the Short strand of course.  The police tend to get video evidence and so lulls you into a false sense of security and then they pounce with an airtight case.

Bryson who as everyone knows is a UVF puppet has been trying to form legitimate protest groups in the hope of making money out of it's followers and getting EU funding. He only recently said that the UVF were not terrorists......  now why would you say that?  It was very telling when one of his groups held a protest while a Republican parade was taking place and some UDA men came out of their drinking den to tell them to fuck off .... Hardly united in their cause whatever that is today. You don't speak for me or the UDA hoods so I guess you speak for the UVF hoods.

The UVF and UDA are bitter rivals ... called paramilitary though they are just criminal gangs who engage in terrorist activities and should be squashed and destroyed as much as the IRA . Different brands of scum the lot of them.

A police search of Bryson's house and computer not only uncovered some racy images as Jamie and friends shagged their way through the fleg groupies but also ....

Hardly a surprise and totally explains his squeaky voice.

And on another note:

Another mouth piece and professional victim is Willie Frazer who has been lifted by the police did his own dirty protest in his shorts.
At the weekend to commemorate 2 UDR men (Ulster Defense Regiment) which was a military unit who worked with the police during the Troubles, that were killed by an IRA bomb in 1988.  Mr Frazer not only sounded high as a kite or drunk but he wore a Royal Irish Ranger hat to the event. The Royal Irish Rangers (RIR) were a British army regiment that has long since merged with another regiment.

Yes so many acronyms that all look the same. Frazer's hat was shaped like a green turd, his badge was crooked and halfway up his cap and his hat was sitting too far up on his head.

It was not a UDR hat as many civvies have claimed and yes it does matter. Mr Frazer if you intend to show respect then make some fucking effort you Orangeman plankerd.

Here is a picture of Willie from his younger days. It looks to be taken at St Patrick's barracks in Ballymena. Just wondering why he isn't wearing his Royal Irish Ranger hat as the man in the left in dress uniform is wearing.
It would not surprise me if Willie just liked to play dress up as may so-called Loyalists do.

They do like to dress up in costumes and play soldiers. They couldn't hack it if they joined up assuming they passed the entrance tests and they know it.

That in itself is funny. Just like the way they all say "It's Londonderry" and the Apprentice boys call the city Derry they also over look the fact that any soldier or ex-soldier gets treated like the enemy to them .... like a police officer, unless the soldier dies in the line of duty and then they become sacred.

Ideas, images and clinging to the someone else's past glories are all these people are interested in. They have not the brain capacity to live in the present and think about the future.... rant over.