Monday, 4 February 2013

Jamie Bryson - Irish Hero

There are some damaging pictures of the self appointed/UVF appointed spokesperson for the Northern Ireland flag protests going around the Interweb. The chosen of god, Jamie Bryson went on holiday one year and posed with some Irish symbols.
You may think that this is no big deal .... well to the mongoloid sectarian bigots this is an issue. Old Knudsen himself would be all Top 'O' The Mornin too if he thought yon gurl in the picture would put out for him.... she looks a little uncomfortable with spidey man's hand there.  

When you go on holiday and go to an Irish pub, guess what they don't have .... red hands of Ulster thats what. No one wants that shite Norn Iron is Irish to the rest of the world anyway. If you want to meet people who speak English and drink yer favourite beer then that is where you go, you tuck yer bigotry between yer legs and drink up.

Bryson is a cockhead, it has been said that he only got into the sectarian shit because he broke up with a gurl and got mixed up with the wrong crowd, an ex glue sniffing pastor and paramilitary hoods.
He now calls for peace in front of the cameras and then calls for rocks to be thrown at the Taigs when hes with his big brave mob.

The Protestant mob are paranoid anyway. They call the Police (Police Service of Northern Ireland) PSNIRA, they call the BBC .. BBC-IRA and because FaceBook has their offices in Dublin then they must be IRA too.

The protests have been infiltrated on so many levels because well ..... the prods are fucking stupid. Drug dealing criminals who can't use reason or intellect.... sure there are more moderate and peaceful flag protesters but since they are still all into the flag issue at this late stage then they can't be that bright either.

People who call for peace but will still vote DUP .... away an fuck you moron.... sheeple, nothing more.

Sites that make fun of the various protester comments have been the best thing to come out of the 6 weeks of riots. Unintentional comedy gold.
Like how I was hoping that Romney opened his mouth I want the loyalists to do the same, every time they do they damage their cause. 

It also shows you that what started out as a ploy to destroy a rival political party that was gaining ground from the DUP and went wrong and ended up as anti-Catholic bigotry as usual. Northern Ireland hasn't changed that much over the years ... it all boils doon to hatred.

Yet again the Prods are the bad guys who started all the shit just like the Troubles.