Thursday, 7 February 2013

It's A People Problem

Chris Kyle the ex-navy seal was shot dead at a shooting range in Texas last weekend.  According to his book and the Interweb he was the most lethal sniper in US military history.

An American hero killing the bad guy so he doesn't kill you... Well not really, it was his job to kill whoever his superiors told him too, thats what a soldier does .. unless they are a cook or something then they just give people the shits.
Mark Wahlberg is also a highly trained killing machine. Well in some of his movies anyway.

Wahlberg had said that if he had been on any of the planes that stuck the WTC he would have stopped it. He got a lot of head shakes and who the fuck does he think he is? Too many tough guy movie roles.

Jesse Ventura was on Piers Morgan's show and said that because he has a firearms concealment permit, if he had been at the movie theater in Aurora Colorado, he would have prevented James Holmes from killing 12 people.   
Ventura is an ex-navy seal and most importantly has been in some movies. 

Morgan then said that what if that only made things worse and there was a gun battle in which more people died? .... fair point and Ventura was unable to answer.

These two wanna be heroes have the advantage of hindsight, doesn't mean that they wouldn't have been taken by surprise like everyone else. 
A fire fight can be as unpredictable and as deadly as a woman with PMS.  

Guns don't kill people, they also don't save lives. It's people who are the key element and as with Chris Kyle you can be a highly trained individual but if yer unlucky then you bite it like everyone else. 

Guns are the great leveler, a child can easily kill an adult, just ask Kony.  

People don't usually get shot on purpose at the firing range but it's a reminder that anything can happen anywhere when people are involved.