Saturday, 9 February 2013

Facilitate Yer Ma

To settle any confusion. Old Knudsen is a Unionist he is not a Loyalist. He believes Northern Ireland  needs to stay a part of the UK in order to thrive. A Loyalist is a moron who goes on about be loyal to the Queen but has never served in the military, doesn't vote and is a criminal type asshole.

Loyalists have been saying that flying the Union flag 17 days at Belfast city hall instead of 365 days makes them feel less British and is destroying their British culture ..... all lies because many of them have now made it about the Protestant culture. Fucking scumbegs.

These cunts made Old Knudsen resign as a grand master funk of the footloose Presbyterian church because he couldn't take the constant stupidity from this crowd.

They use soundbite words they have heard and haven't put thought into well their thoughts. Fucking puppets manipulated by all and they don't even know it.

A word they use is facilitate , "the police were there to facilitate the protest" . It's like a child who hears a grown up use a big word and they don't know what it means but they use it anyway. I believe they mean that the police escort and block them off with their presence .... the police do not bring flags and road blocks to make the protests easier.

I'm sorry to all my international readers if you don't understand what the fuck all of this is about.

Look, breasts, you understand that.