Thursday, 21 February 2013

Drone On And On

So the French have pulled out of Mali and leave behind? ...... a big fucking mess to clean up, they went all out to destroy the Islamic militants in a short quick campaign mostly using death from above. Advisers and drones will of course be left behind but hey they are out of it.... win!

No one really leaves a modern war zone.

Secret drone bases like this one in Saudi Arabia built 2 years ago are doted all over the world.

Remember they are only there to protect you.

The Department of Homeland Security gave $220,000 to the Montgomery County Sheriff's Department in Texas for a Shadowhawk helicopter drone in 2011. A maximum speed of 55 miles per hour, a range of 15 miles, and a turbine engine powered by jet fuel that can keep it in the air for more than an 3 hours.  Mostly only used for alleged training exercises. 

Heres what hunting doon a fugitive at night looks like. Remember trainee Ninjas, the only way to avoid infrared is to hide behind a solid object.

The Shadowhawk helicopter drone can not only pick out yer ugly mug but also yer license plate from a height of 1000 feet like the images above. It can fly as low as 700 feet still unheard and unseen to get important cleavage shots or pick out bald spots on yer head for lolz.

Some police departments are still using the old Draganflyers :::yawn:::: catch up for fucks sake. The  drone industry is a growing business, all looking for new improved drones to get government contacts.
The only hold up is civil liberties groups going on about the privacy implications but don't worry, the Obama administration is hoping to ease restrictions on when and where to use drones over the US by 2015.  
Obama laughs in the face of civil liberties .... just as his hero Abraham Lincoln did.