Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Dr Who Dealing The Drugs

Box of crack?

From the headlines of the LA Times, Doctor who admitted dealing drugs to get his license back I knew we couldn't trust that ugly gangly fucker! 

He gets on like an idiot but really hes selling the drugs.... trust me, I'm the doctor. 

A West Hollywood psychiatrist was selling Adderall which is legalized speed and of all places he was selling it on Craigslist. 15 prescriptions per day.

"100 Adderall pills, hardly used, selling because traveling in the time space continuum isn't cheap."

You get crazy fuckers buying off Craigslist when yer selling a table lamp so I can only imagine what kind selling drugs attracts. "Still got the 100 Adderall pills you had advertised?" ..... "Um, you just called me 5 minutes ago to ask me the same question and every 20 mins for the last 6 hours before that."

Many Craigslist people want to talk about how Obama is ruining the country or what about those fucking immigrants?  ...... get a FaceBook account like everyone else.
Well drugs would totally explain why the latest season of Dr Who was shite on a stick.