Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Brits Out

The flag protesters had yet again shown their true colours and they aren't red white and blue, more like a shite colour that needs fiber.
They have gotten ex BNP (British Nazis Party) leader Jim Dowson to speak for them as a sort of anti-cheerleader type. Down with this down with that.

The Scottish bloke has cum over to Northern Ireland to hang around with that moron Willie Frazer .... the one who thought the Italian flag was the Irish flag, yeah that one, and to shout his agenda in the street.
Hes told the police chief of Northern Ireland who is English to go back to England ... yeah hes saying "Brits out" and this fine Scottish fella has told Peter Robinson (who is from Northern Ireland) the First minister to go with him.

The irony is dripping thick and fast here considering the IRA have been trying to get the Brits out for decades.

The reason why Old Knudsen is so amused is that nothing funny ever happens here and the fact that these morons are taking centre stage and and highlighting their stupidity is amazing.

Like when Liam Neeson went to Ballymena, nothing ever goes on there that would interest anyone who isn't a junkie farming sheep shagger. Now that Neeson has gone back to the US we won't here a thing about that place until Ian Paisley dies.

I'm enjoying the fun here while it lasts.