Saturday, 2 February 2013

Blonde Sex Bomb Explodes

When I was dipping my head into baby oil I slipped and banged my head on the sink and now I'm .......... if you close your eyes and stick out your tongue you can taste colour. My favourite colour is the smell of a used condom, spermicide and stale jizz telling a story of lust, desire and why are unicorns such hateful racists?

The oil is dripping onto my sexy badie, do you mind if I lie on your bed and look inviting? I swear I don't bite .... well not true when I have my teeth in I can bite soft foods like pre-chewed burger .. you want me, I can tell. Lets get razor blades, cut our arms and let our blood mingle as an act of love, don't worry I'm no longer a junkie hooker paramedic I'm now a mattress monster.

Iiight , sounds good to me be-atch! we be rollin on da floor like dices.... scarein the mices with my rhymes. You be sighin cos I'm the sex lion.... gangsta north eastern side!