Friday, 22 February 2013

Apprentice Paddies Of Derry

You hear all those idiot sectarian bigots going on about "It's Londonderry, only Fenians call it Derry" well I have a little question then, are the Apprentice boys of Derry Fenian Pope loving cock sucking taigs?

Are you saying that the brave Apprentice boys of Derry who shut the city gates in 1688 and bravely hid behind the walls when Catholic King James laid siege to the town were um .... secret Catholics?

Derry has been a settlement from the 6th century on, the name means groves of oak trees. When Protestant King James I put his Prod settlers into the town he renamed it Londonderry.... that in 1613 well before the Apprentice boys closed the gates.

Typical Prods, tell them one thing and they will d the opposite just to spite you.... no idea where I get it from.   

Happy Apprentice boys of Derry ... not Londonderry enjoying the 'if yer happy and you know it song.'

As well as all the Gaelic names like Ballymena  and any other towns with Bally or Rath, you can hide from history and what you are but yer really kinda fucking stupid.

Just because you put LONDON in front of a name and say it in a high pitched nasally voice, doesn't make you more British. The English all call you Paddy anyway.  Enjoy living in Northern IRELAND why don't you.