Thursday, 28 February 2013

Banged Up And Busted

The streets are yet again safe. Jamie Bryson one of the mouthpieces for the fleggers has been captured.
While buying a bottle of buckfast to give him the courage to make another UTV video mocking the police he was asked for I.D.  as he looks like a wee boy.

The cashier said, "Are you really Jamie Bryson? if so say Round the rugged rock, the ragged rascal ran."
Bryson attempted to say it not realising it was a ploy to stall him and so was arrested by the police who also checked his I.D. as they thought the 23 year-old was really a little boy just for a school night drink.

Since I know you read this blog stay strong Jamie, if you can't remember everything it's ok, Willie has told them anyway.

Willie really likes you and hes cunningly cunning, he wouldn't tell the peelers incriminating information about you and everyone else to save himself so he could get back to his family. He would never be tricked into squealing, he'd never break, hes a big tough ex-soldier after all not some easily led nut job. Try to think back when the police got you on camera ..... hahahahaha!!!!!

I'm sure these will be the last of the arrests and these two leaders of the people will be out in time to march to Stormont tomorrow and we'll have the fleg up before the beginning of next week ......... this won't be a long line of arrests intent on breaking some trouble making cunts who spoiled last Christmas , oh no I'm sure it won't be.

Yer days are now numbered scumbegs the heat is on and remember .... You don't deserve to fly Old Knudsen's flag!


Put Some Lube On It And Call It Steampunk

Steampunk is a very strange trend. The same kind of people who become Trekkies and bother to learn Klingon get into it.
It's based on a parallel universe in which there are technological advancements but it's powered by steam and whatever the Victorians would have used.
The whole look is Gothic Victorian in a Jules Verne kinda way and true snobs know that you can't just go around sticking gears from watches onto stuff and call it Steampunk, everything has to have a realistic reason for being on it.

Top hats seem to be a basic easy option for the steamypunker. "Hey look at me I'm Steampunk" ..... no, yer just a twat in a top hat and swimming goggles.

Lady Clankington has the right idea. She sells her Death ray vibrators so you can Steampunk yer hoo hoo .
While Steampunk is getting yet another resurgence of popularity Old Knudsen stopped wearing his Pith hat after the Boer war. I used to put the steam up the fuzzies, standing there alone facing hundreds of wogs with me broken rifle in one hand and me bayonet in the other, fighting for King and cuntry. Lucky they were still asleep in their huts and that I had a Gatling gun beside me. War is hell ..... if you face me and pretty good fun if you are me.   

I don't think I'll be seeing any spides outside of the Belfast pubs puking into their Stovepipes anytime soon, though they would be handy for hiding a bottle of Buckfast under.   

Lady Clankington is young, hot and shapely. She could wear anything and look good. No wonder Steampunk is popular with the nerd types. It's like buying clothes cos you saw how good they look on the models.

The reality of Steampunk if you aren't in LA or somewhere else that out-crosses is that it looks a little different than imagined but top marks for participating. If it's harmless, makes you happy and I gets to see tits then it's all good.

Of course some people have this natural talent of looking like a sex offender no matter how they are dressed. 
Long hair and ponytails on a man is only acceptable in the jungle and under the age of 35, anything else then yer getting into creepy, grungy old man territory whose chat up line is,"You remind me of my daughter."

Go Steampunk yer hole ...... you know you want to.  

Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Lost Spide answers to the name of Jamie, last seen in the Bangor area.

We love you Jamie come home so we can arrest you and not give you bail ....LOL.  Still up for the Friday march then? 

Jim Dowson Freelance Bigot

Fighting for our British rights is very important but whats more important is raising money. Join my flag protest tonight only £5 per head. Hurry quickly while this gig lasts I've got bills to pay you know.

Jamie Bryson Behind Bars

Northern Ireland's version of Christopher Dorner is still on the loose. He has misspelled several manifestos over the past two months and has even taunted police with a video saying he may or may not hand himself in for questioning but you can't find me ha ha!

WTF? a legend in his own mind. Is he so scared of getting his back door destroyed by Bubba O Convict? Don't flatter yerself.

Bryson has stirred up trouble, thrown rocks at the Fenians and has organised illegal protests. You have to collect yer welfare benefits sometime lad. 

Jamie Bryson Terrorist Puppet

Jamie Bryson one of the many uneducated mouth pieces of the flag protests has been arrested.... not! actually hes gone on the run and has even made a video saying hes done nothing wrong, well he didn't mention throwing yon rocks on the Short strand of course.  The police tend to get video evidence and so lulls you into a false sense of security and then they pounce with an airtight case.

Bryson who as everyone knows is a UVF puppet has been trying to form legitimate protest groups in the hope of making money out of it's followers and getting EU funding. He only recently said that the UVF were not terrorists......  now why would you say that?  It was very telling when one of his groups held a protest while a Republican parade was taking place and some UDA men came out of their drinking den to tell them to fuck off .... Hardly united in their cause whatever that is today. You don't speak for me or the UDA hoods so I guess you speak for the UVF hoods.

The UVF and UDA are bitter rivals ... called paramilitary though they are just criminal gangs who engage in terrorist activities and should be squashed and destroyed as much as the IRA . Different brands of scum the lot of them.

A police search of Bryson's house and computer not only uncovered some racy images as Jamie and friends shagged their way through the fleg groupies but also ....

Hardly a surprise and totally explains his squeaky voice.

And on another note:

Another mouth piece and professional victim is Willie Frazer who has been lifted by the police did his own dirty protest in his shorts.
At the weekend to commemorate 2 UDR men (Ulster Defense Regiment) which was a military unit who worked with the police during the Troubles, that were killed by an IRA bomb in 1988.  Mr Frazer not only sounded high as a kite or drunk but he wore a Royal Irish Ranger hat to the event. The Royal Irish Rangers (RIR) were a British army regiment that has long since merged with another regiment.

Yes so many acronyms that all look the same. Frazer's hat was shaped like a green turd, his badge was crooked and halfway up his cap and his hat was sitting too far up on his head.

It was not a UDR hat as many civvies have claimed and yes it does matter. Mr Frazer if you intend to show respect then make some fucking effort you Orangeman plankerd.

Here is a picture of Willie from his younger days. It looks to be taken at St Patrick's barracks in Ballymena. Just wondering why he isn't wearing his Royal Irish Ranger hat as the man in the left in dress uniform is wearing.
It would not surprise me if Willie just liked to play dress up as may so-called Loyalists do.

They do like to dress up in costumes and play soldiers. They couldn't hack it if they joined up assuming they passed the entrance tests and they know it.

That in itself is funny. Just like the way they all say "It's Londonderry" and the Apprentice boys call the city Derry they also over look the fact that any soldier or ex-soldier gets treated like the enemy to them .... like a police officer, unless the soldier dies in the line of duty and then they become sacred.

Ideas, images and clinging to the someone else's past glories are all these people are interested in. They have not the brain capacity to live in the present and think about the future.... rant over.  


The Welsh Beast

 A dog walker found a mysterious creature washed up on Tenby's South Beach in Wales. Some believe such bodies to be nothing more than that of bloated pigs but the coincidence in each case is that there is a government research facility within 10 miles along the shore of where these creatures are found. 

Montauk Monster, a hairless beast that washed up on a New York beach in 2008. Another was found in the same area a year previously.

In each case the bodies have digits rather than hoofs have large fangs, are hairless and do not look like any known animal.  
Each creature was claimed by a government agency and were disposed of without any testing being done on them.
We've known for years about the various genetic experiments that have been done to create animals that can be used in warfare and others that are living organ donors for humans.

Sometimes they escape.

The Pope Connection

Britain's most senior Roman Catholic cleric, Cardinal Keith O'Brien resigned as leader of the Scottish Catholic Church only weeks before he was due to retire.

At least four priests said that dating back to the 1980's the Cardinal took having his ring kissed to a whole new level and often visited them in the night for some extra confessing and bead fingering.

These priests did not want this kind of attention but with O'Brien being high up they felt that they had to stay silent.... Who hasn't swallowed a load in order to keep yer job?

The Catholic church like the Boy scouts of America have had hundreds of cases of sexual abuse. All Christian organizations with lots of men present are bound to have it.

Mark Harbinson is the dirty pedo who groomed and assaulted a 13 year-old gurl in 2009 , he was in the Orange Order, a pseudo Christian group similar to the KKK. I will make a prediction that the Orange Order is next to be found harbouring loads of pedos.

The fleg protester Jim Dowson, the ex Orange Order member and friend of Cardinal O'Brien says hes cannot believe the claims against him as the Cardinal was very anti-abortion and anti-ghey and so he must be a nice person ..... makes you wonder what Mr Dowson has gotten up to.

Dowson is currently busy squeezing money out of the people of Northern Ireland. Described as a freelance bigot he jumps from group to group raising funds before getting kicked out. The sectarian racist is strangely quick to defend Cardinal O'Brien. 

Dowson was also a long time friend of Sir Jimmy Saville who also loved to raise money.

Cardinal O'Brien could quite possibly have a say in the next Pope so it is of no surprise that he was taken down at this time.
The anti-Christ moves in mysterious ways.

The next Pope will be a complete surprise..... for you.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

C. Everett Koop Dies Of Lung Cancer

C. Everett Koop, one of the most famous of America's surgeon generals has died aged 96. He carried out a crusade to end smoking in the United States and once said that cigarettes were as addictive as heroin and cocaine.

His battle with heroin and cocaine was legendary, he went on week long binges with Kurt Cobain and Frank Sinatra.
A devout Presbyterian he opposed homosexuality and believed sex should be saved for marriage .... unless it was between men and young boys as then that was cool according to God. 

When AIDS came out he shocked the other Bible bashers by urging the use of condoms and safe sex education in schools. He created a pair of hand puppets as a teaching aide called Mr Pumpy and Ms Slutty.
He died in his New Hampshire home the way he lived, a needle in his arm, clamps on his nipples and ball sack and a hooker on his face.
The cause of his death was not disclosed though the tree that fell through his roof might be a leading factor.  

It was not Lupus.

Pistorius Is A Real Lady Killer

So lets break doon the wee story that Oscar Pistorius told about the night he killed his hot gurlfriend.

He woke up and went over to get a fan, the room was pitch dark. He then heard a noise coming from the bathroom. 
As he didn't have his legs on he felt scared and vulnerable so he grabbed his gun from under his mattress and went to the bathroom door. 

He screamed a warning for the intruder in the bathroom to get out and then he fired through the door. 

After that he then realised that it could have been his gurlfriend in there so he strapped on his legs and broke the door doon with a cricket bat.     

Do you believe any of that? 

Pistorius is a volatile bloke given to making angry threats. Witnesses are said to have heard them arguing. Why since this happened around 4am was Reeva Steenkamp dressed? 

Investigators are unsure if he had his legs on or not because the shots were angled doon to make sure they hit Reeva who was cowering in the corner. 

If you hear a noise in the middle of the night and you are worried, you'd wake yer partner. You'd tell them to call the police while you go and check it out. You don't get the gun from under yer gurl's side of the bed, not look at her and then go off to face it alone. 

If  you angrily scream at a door that you will shoot you might hear the other person scream, "no please don't" if it's yer gurlfriend. According to her bladder she had went to the toilet so would a burglar flush and wash up?  

I've only experienced pitch dark during my caving exploits, there is always some kind of light even enough just to make out a shape in a dark room. It all sounds like bollocks.

So much contradictory info in this case but the thing is OJ Simpson looked more innocent than this cunt.
Pistorius has offshore accounts and a house in Italy yet the judge decided that he wasn't a flight risk and gave him bail.
I think I know how this case is going. As guilty as sin Pistorius will be given a lesser sentence and then let out for good behaviour.

Killing a woman is probably against the law in South Africa but this guy is a national hero, hes the Blade Runner.
Hes shown remorse and will probably get off with it due to the fact hes rich and successful. Hes a mouthy dick and who knows what drugs hes on?   

The world lost a hottie ..... we must mourn.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Leeds, The Home Of Pedos

Bray rolling to court.

Nothing good cums from Leeds, the Diocese of Leeds who took legal action against me, Jimmy Saville the nations most favourite pedo and now Alan Bray, a pervert who sent sexually explicit messages to a 14-year-old girl on Facebook.

He spoke to the gurl online while his wife was out and filthy images were found on his computer. His pathetic excuse was that he was like this because of his arthritis condition that made him unable to have sex ..... aye so you fancy children instead? I'm sick of dickheads making stupid excuses for their behaviour, it's called personal responsibility, look it up.

Look at the picture of the pedo above, covered up because of his shame and because hes a coward. You know who else look like pedos?

There is always some idiot excuse for behaving like a cunt. I'm poorly,I'm bored, I'm being stripped of something I don't even have, I'm not able to bully people anymore, I'm worried that if Catholics become the majority then they'll treat us as we treated them.

Fear and because you can are not reasons to behave badly. 

Knudsen Does History

I mean who really wants to see how the scan turned out? ..... apart from me.

Today I'll be reminding you on how Old Knudsen has influenced history. Not all good events but ones that lead to great things. As an immortal time traveling fallen angel I can be anywhere at any time.
If  Old Knudsen hadn't said "Abe, ya look miserable, you've been hunting vamps for too long, go out and catch a show with the wife, I'll look after the place, what could possible go wrong?" then you wouldn't of had the Lincoln memorial.

If Old Knudsen wasn't such a prankster, "hey Adolf yer zipper is doon" then he wouldn't have paused to check it and he would have been hit by a speeding bus. Thus depriving Germany of one of it's greatest leaders.

It was Old Knudsen that got James Stewart out of his life in street gangs and into the world of movies.

I must point out that back in the day it was legal to fuck underage gurls so there was no such thing as pedophilia.... it was all good.  Mary came to me and said it was mine but that she was having an abortion. Old Knudsen talked her out of it as he was feeling broody, almost got her to name him Justin but you know weemen.  He was a no good hippy anyway and got arrested for distributing food and wine without a catering license. The Romans were very strict about those sorts of things.

I started off the Ballymena tradition of sheep shagging when I spread stories about how I caught St Patrick giving it to the wooly weemen in 430 AD. I thought it would discredit him but no, the dirty buggers felt that their love was validated.

My genetic experiments brought you the race of giant dogs that can be a loyal substitute for weemen worried that their men will um stray ..... no wait I haven't done that yet, well I have but in the future.

I taught Moses to make up better shit or you'd have what is on those tablets.

Then there was the time I made YOU!   

Sunday, 24 February 2013


Jammy Bryson # 3 fleg protester 

When I'm not drinking in Irish pubs or encouraging peaceful riots and denying I'm in charge of anything I enjoy sitting down to Old Bitter Balls to find out what the grown ups are thinking.

The words and the concepts make my brain hurt but the pretty pictures do make up for it.  The anguish of the 12 weeks and counting of failed protests and poor fund raising drift away as he points out just how silly we all are.

Bless you Old Knudsen

Gratuitous Meat Feast

Sunday is the day when I tempt Christians away from lusting after young children by showing hot weemen.... enjoy.

Now clean yerself up.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Porn Of Thrones