Friday, 4 January 2013

You'll Never Link To My Lucky Charms

Are you stupid or just Irish? Do you know how the Internet works? Ya don't phone up PC World and ask for a box of Internet to be delivered.... oh and make it extra fast with no buffering.
Here is a story you won't read about in the Irish press.  All of these papers below
Irish Independent
Irish Examiner
The Irish Times
Irish Daily Star
Evening Herald
The Sunday Independent
Sunday World
The Sunday Business Post
Irish Mail on Sunday
Irish Farmers Journal
Irish Daily Mail
Irish Daily Mirror
Irish Sun
Irish Sunday Mirror
The Sunday Times
Irish Sun Sunday
had their agent write out letters demanding money from anyone who have linked to any of their online stories citing that these bare links, were an infringement of intellectual property .... Nothing intellectual going on here.
A charity that fights domestic violence Women’s Aid have received such letters and e-mails among many others. The charity had linked on public websites to articles in newspapers carrying nice wee stories about their fundraising efforts.... Ok bitch, ya had better give us what we want!  Right now lawyers for these papers are lobbying for this charge to become law.

There was a nice and very reasonable price list set out too.

1 – 5 €300.00
6 – 10 €500.00
11 – 15 €700.00
16 – 25 €950.00
26 – 50 €1,350.00
50 + Negotiable   

I'll have the Teriyaki burger meal and the sign says 'Free Wi-Fi' I'll have one of those too. 

No shit that none of this has appeared in any Irish papers. The New York Observer has observed it though.
Old Knudsen is merely a fantastic lover, blogger and bare knuckle fighter, he isn't an expert on no Interwebs but he does know that a link that contains no content is in no way subject to copyright ... ya can go an fuck yerselves ya news loving bog trotters.... nice try though  I mean €300.00 for 1 - 5 links, thats £243.37 or $395.55.

A link is like if you write a paper and cite yer sources, those are links, if you follow those links ya have to go and by the book . Why have articles out there online then? ... I don't think the Irish press have caught on to this whole Interweb thingy yet. 

So I'll just phone up the florist in town and ask them on what street they are on, "It'll be an extra charge of €100 for me to give you directions sir."

Wise the fuck up people.