Friday, 18 January 2013

Yellow Belly With The Big Guns

Corn feed 22-year-old Joseph Kelley took his white boy ass, his  AR- 15 and handgun into a JC Penney store in Utah just to do his normal shopping right after Obama gave a speech about gun control.
It seems that it's legal but that doesn't mean he should do it just so he can make a point.  They said the weapons were unloaded but that sure looks like a clip on the rifle and to a trained pro you never have an unloaded weapon with a clip in it... fucking amateur.
Did anyone check that it was unloaded? I would be forced to assume it was loaded if I was law enforcement.
I doubt private Pile here is in the military, just another fat fuck with a self entitlement to own guns. Any real man like myself would take yer guns off you if I so wished to do so and would violate you and take pictures of yer small dick with them before selling the guns on.

He said that he didn't have any hassle or feel any negative vibes ..... um they were afraid you were going to start shooting you cock head, why else would yer picture be all over the Interwebs? 
Where to next, pick yer kid up from school? People like this are a good reason for gun control  .... civvie moron!