Friday, 4 January 2013

We Got A 12-9

In the New York subway system 55 people jumped to their death in 2012.... thats an increase of 8 from 2011.
Drivers get 3 days off to cope with this tragedy and some never return to the job. What selfish cunts. I'm sure thinking about how their death will hurt others isn't a big factor as you tend to get tunnel vision (no pun intended) but really .... selfish cunts ... We need to ban these assault trains! 
“As cruel as it makes it sound, for the individual it’s over,” said Curtis Tate, a former operator whose train struck and killed a man in 1992. “It’s just beginning for the train operator.” 
Please people, kill yerself in private. Yer going to punish yer family no matter what but do you have to make the train workers and passengers suffer too?