Friday, 18 January 2013

We Could Be Heroes

History is full of many great men, not so many great weemen cos weemen are lazy. I digress though. The great men in history have been mostly um ...... dirty dicks that cheat on their weemen.

Martin Luther King Jr, Bill Clinton, Ashton Kutcher, Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods, Henry 8th and anyone named Kennedy.

 The rules just don't apply to them.

Gandhi is the fella people always quote when they want to sound intelligent, deep and at one with their inner strength.
Gandhi of course was a cunt. Treated his kids like shit and slept with weemen saying it was to further his spiritual growth .... tried that one meself, it never works.

For some reason it worked for him.. I can lie in bed with a naked woman and not be aroused as I have control over my desires .... oops didn't work last night but I'm sure it will tonight. Can I use yer wife as a bed warmer? .... no, I'll do it instead as I'm not comfortable with that ..... Sorry, only weemen, it's a spiritual thing.

Gandhi wanted peace alright .... piece of ass.

Michael Jackson only innocently slept with the kids, maybe his bed was cold too...... yeah right.

It really pisses Old Knudsen off that people can be total cunts while alive .... cheat on spouses, call for peace while funding terrorists, abuse children and kill off loose ends but because they made a stand that was immortalised in folk songs and pop culture or turned into a movie or put onto a t-shirt .... because they were a success at something like music or movies or held up as an example of greatness, their sins that they never paid for or showed remorse about get glossed over.

If only Jimmy Savile had been a popular singer then his hundreds of cases of abuse would have been over looked.
If he had been caught and confronted he could have done the religious way out like beg forgiveness for being a sinner .... well played Mr King.

Che Guevara is one of those brave freedom fighter types that students love to wear on their t-shirts. In reality he was a brutal murderer, the hatchet man of a cruel communist dictator.

Responsible for executing hundreds of prisoners then as the secret police rounding up and killing other suspects to rid the people of any notion of rising up he looked after concentration camps full of dissidents, homosexuals, Catholics, Jehovah’s Witnesses , Afro-Cuban priests and other scum.

What does he get? statues and movies made. It is ironic that this cunt who murdered to rid the world of capitalism has made millions in merchandise sales. 

His real name was Ernesto Lynch and he was half Irish and was born in Argentina. He was nicknamed 'pig' at school because of his lack of personal hygiene .... at least he was consistent as his stench was mentioned all through his life.

I suppose when you have some big man with a gun executing people at whim you hold yer breath and hold yer tongue rather than suggesting deodorant.

Not such a great story to tell about a hero of the revolution. Far too many dickheads get statues made to them and memes on Facebook.

People have faults and weaknesses but the ones that get away with shit and get turned into the greatest people of all time bug the shit out of Old Knudsen. If they are the greatest then ..........