Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Mali Effect

Ever wonder how Old Knudsen got the nick name Frenchie? well strangely enough it wasn't because on occasion he has served with the French, no it is because of his long ...... well ask yer Ma .... and yer sister while yer at it.

This blog tried to tell you about all the US bases dotted over Africa and various other places. It was a while back and like everything else Old Knudsen says was largely ignored. Now they have a catchy name for them, 'lily pad' bases, so then it makes the news.

I call my penis Fat Kenny G and that doesn't make the news WTF world media?

So to get a foothold for the up and coming wars, Africa is being carved up and the west are digging in.
France made the news which is rather careless. A botched rescue attempt of a French agent who had been held by *Islamists* for 3 years. One French soldier, the hostage and a combat pilot died.

It wasn't Old Knudsen's fault.

The story is that Denis Allex, had been killed by his captors.

Poor French spy. I'm just saying that if some special farces soldier who wasn't French, found Allex with his terroristy looking beard speaking that French gibberish they talk, well it wouldn't surprise Old Knudsen if one of the rescuers killed him by mistake ..... just saying. 

You go over to Europe and people tell you, "oh everyone speaks English" not the fuckers Old Knudsen meets.

You mostly see Belfast millies walking around with their arms folded .... fuck that annoys me.

This is a war that hasn't gained any steam yet, mostly because you can still keep shit secret in Africa. Wikileaks would have a field day.
It isn't new it's just time for you lot to notice it.

The UK sent a cargo plane with French equipment to Mali to aid the French. David Cameron the Prime Minister of the UK has vowed not to send in any troops.

He doesn't need to send them in cos they are already there, like duh! If their cover gets blown then they are merely advisers or there to provide logistical military assistance but believe Old Knudsen that the main countries already have their people there and in other key places.

Like me former post said, if we send you aid then we get to have bases. 

The aim of the fighting is simple for the regular people to try to understand. It's to stop the spreading influence of the *Islamists* that is all you need to know.  The Malian government with the help of other African nations have been getting their arses kicked by Al-Qaeda Africa. Not an ideal situation for the west. 
You can go to war in Africa using jets and drones for the most of the fighting as collateral damage will not be reported on every day. 

As a matter of interest, though Mali is a poor country it is rich in gold, phosphates, kaolin, salt, limestone and uranium....

Old Knudsen demonstrating his droid trooper 3000 to the French.

Africa is very often used to test new weapons out on without outsiders finding out. You keep an eye out on Africa and the lack of reporting going on there.

* Like Insurgents we now have a name for this enemy without referring to them as Muslim and the original line up for Al-Qaeda has morphed and splintered off so much. Islamist is the name to strike fear at yer hearts.* 

A nice side door to the world of religious intolerance.