Monday, 21 January 2013

The Hook

For a while now I've been feeling a little played, a little manipulated. Things just happen to be falling into place a little too easily.
The more I look into Sandy Hook the more I think that Obama is an alien and there are others!

Wayne Carver the Dom DeLuise/Brando fat fuck was the coroner .... nice name the mothership picked for you.
He was just all kinds of odd. Making little funny comments and looking like he was about to burst out laughing. 
He wasn't acting professional/normal/human .... also why was no one looking at him strange while he was rambling on? 
He hadn't examined all the bodies but he knew it was a long gun (rifle) and each of the 26 bodies had at least 11 bullets in them thats 286 times he had to pull the trigger (others had it at 150 rounds) and depending on his magazine capacity he had reload between 9 - 14 times. According to hearsay some of his mags weren't empty and so video games are to blame.

How come we get facts when we need to elect blame? Adam Lanza also shot up several cars... like you do in video games. 

Carver threw out a lot of facts for not having looked at all the bodies. He acted like he already knew and it was a big inside joke. 

There are a lot of conflicting reports on basic stuff like was there even an AR- 15? Everyone seems to think so including swiftly drafted up letters by the grieving families demanding to have them outlawed. 

Robbie Parker the father of Emilie was in quite a cheerful mood seconds before he got himself into character to look upset for the cameras. You pronounce her name 'I'm a lie' in case you were wondering.

Here is the Parker family with Emilie on the end on the right. From Utah originally .... hmmm.

Here is what one "Truther" noticed. The gurl on the left has no legs, he thought the middle gurl too but I can see those. If you look at the gurl's fingers they are doing the Devil horn sign .... FUCK! it's not Aliens ..... it's THE DEVIL! Oh and no one noticed that he only has one tie.... I'm sure thats important.

Another photo and I have no idea why they keep photoshopping Emilie into pictures like this but yer missing shadow on her arm behind her dad's, no hair is out of place and the grass at the front stops at the top of his knee.
Emilie wasn't in her school class pictures either .

You little angel. It seems that top Satanists use mind control... fuck me, I thought they were all posers.

The murdered teacher Vicki Soto with some creepy dude in the background.

I always saw Bush and his clan doing this sign and I thought it was the Texas Longhorns, they did think they were Texans after all but these folks are northerners WTF?

A part of Gotham city was changed from South Hinkley (the guy who shot Reagan) to Sandy Hook. The production designer of Dark Knight Rises was Nathan Crowley who is related to the batshit crazy devil worshiping legend, Aleister Crowley..... Which connects us with the Batman shooter.

All those Skull and cross bones types live up near Newtown I'm just surprised they had sacrifices so close to home. Seriously, something is up with those people.    

Less than 48 hours later they were all in front of the camera laughing and smiling about their dead loved ones, cameras were everywhere. It's not normal grief, shock or being strong, it's .... odd. Also yer average American would have mentioned God in every sentence, these people didn't.

Then there were the Facebook pages. A RIP for Emilie was set up 10th Dec .... 4 days before it happened the start date was on it. There are screen shots of it out there. That page was taken down and set up for 15th Dec the day after ...... but a fund page for Emilie was set up 14th Dec... yeah priorities huh. 

Like I said, strange things are going on. People actually died but there are still holes in the story. The police radio calls mention two suspects, the firearms used are in dispute and the people are nuts.

It was all Sandy at the end of last year, did nature need blood to get through the Mayan calender shit and there is some Nostradamus prediction that had sandy mentioned in it with either a hurricane or blood bath?