Wednesday, 2 January 2013

The Catholic Church Downgrades Sexual Abuse

The Catholic Church in Germany has closed its hotline for victims of sexual abuse due to lack of use.

This story made me think, 'who the fuck would call the Catholic Church if they were raped or diddled?'  "Should I go to the police father?" .... "No, we should just keep it our little secret."

The last thing you want is to hear the voice of the person who abused you on the other line. "Is this number that shows up on my caller ID your home number? ... what are you wearing?"

"Ach what are you talkin about? it was your own fault that you were raped you dirty hoor. Say 10 hail Marys and stop dressing like a slut."

The hotline for alcoholics is still open, it's operated by Jerry's bar and grill. "You've hit rock bottom, your wife has taken the kids and moved out ...... sounds like you need a drink my friend, stop in at Jerry's bar and grill before 4pm and drinks are half price."