Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Thanks Giving To The Universe

Old Knudsen needs to give the Universe a shout out for the special gifts he receives. You lot could receive these same gifts of knowledge and wisdom too by closing yer mouths and opening yer minds.

I wish to thank Raven Morgana a Wiccan high priestess of the 9th degree of golden bunnies. You have shown Old Knudsen to harm none and love all .... well you tried but seriously yer just a Christian gone wrong, I didn't have the heart to tell ya.
Still, Old Knudsen has learned by meeting people who pretend to be nice while ignoring all the bad stuff in the world, "love and light, blessed be ... oh no negativity around me I don't want it so I shall bury my head, la de da all is good."

Like Christians if you deny yer dark nature that kills animals for food and enemies for safety then yer hardly connected to the universe. We are animals, what we must do is control our nature and look beyond it and deny nothing. Admit you can be a bit of a cunt but don't live like a cunt.

Wicca is full of blokes wanting sex with easy weemen and man hating weemen who call themselves rape survivors but rather than deal with their issues they bury it in Wicca with with a Goddess because the male Christian god let them get raped.... there is a male god in Wicca ya know, for balance, oh never mind, enjoy yer issues that affect yer life but you don't realize it.   

We are surrounded by the dead. Thank you to the spirits that whisper knowledge into my head and tug at my gut instinct to show me the truth that hasn't been revealed yet.

Thank you to the ancestors that walk with me guiding me and directing others to me so that I may learn from them and they from me. 
If you have welcomed Old Knudsen into yer life then there is a reason for it ... if not then you aren't ready for him, maybe you never will be who knows?

Thank you to my spirit guide Totem Flagpole . Everyone has a Native American spirit guide right?

I love it when people who know nothing about injuns except from what they have seen in the movies claim to have an injun spirit guide.
"In my dreams I visited his village and sat in his wigwam and smoked the peace pipe. He then said because I was a brave soul I would be a member of the bearclaw clan." ......  " Then Brad Pitt circa Legends of the fall rode up and held me in his arms and said, 'the aliens have taken over Londonand the long swords are coming ' he then kissed me passionately reaching into my panties, that was when I woke up and had to go to the toilet."

We can have one or more spirit guides, they can come and go during yer life. At times when you don't need them or block them from yer life they won't be there. You can't help those who don't want help, there is no point.

And remember, shit happens.

 I also want to thank Rocketman, because without him I would not be able to soar. And see the big picture from a far.

You may think that soaring is a curse, that is because you are fighting it but it's a part of you. No matter what people say "oh you aren't normal, oh its not right that you are saying things that no one else is saying" you'll find that by not following the herd and by questioning things you remain more true and not mired in a marsh of lies seeing only poor wee you.

Question the word of man, even if he says it cums from god. Follow yer heart, not yer ego or yer fear.

Question Old Knudsen but listen to the little voice within that quietly says, "this old fucker strikes a cord with me."

And give thanks for what you have.

Old Knudsen doesn't know everything. The mechanics of why some get stuck after death while others move on ... who knows?
What is so special about certain places that have spirits standing around like yon picture? Sometimes Old Knudsen sees yon folk just standing around and other times they visit him.

There is a roundabout near me that has several spirits just standing there like they are in a daze. If I had to speculate, they don't know they are dead and are confused. Dying in yer sleep or suddenly may confuse the person. It also depends on the person. If they aren't the self aware type or ready for death they may get stuck. Death isn't the end.