Monday, 7 January 2013

Tattoo Slaparoo

Siobhan Fields is a dumb 16 year- old gurl with bad makup who paid £50 for a Marilyn Monroe tattoo on her arm. Nothing small and discreet but instead a big fuck off bikini clad American dead chick who couldn't act or sing for shit  ... one that was the mistress to an American president before he had her killed.
The Scottish gurl said "The tattoo makes her look more like a blow-up doll. Her mouth is just a black blob, the eyes are circles, her eyes are two dots. She has black hair, the eyebrows are all wrong and there are wobbly lines everywhere." Ha ha ha ha ...... you stupid bint, enjoy yer underage tattoo. 

The extremely intelligent young lady found Dave's 'Intenze Tattoos' on Facebook.... seems legit, where else would you go? 

Examples like this one made her think that he could do a good job on her. Maybe she needs bigger glasses. 
Dave Stewart .... 'tattoo Dave' did not hold a licence with the council to do tattooing ... shock!!!

He may face a prison sentence or a fine, I think he should have his fingers cut off but that is just me, I also think that Ms Fields should be sterilized before she breeds .... assuming she hasn't already . £50 for a tat that size, how very Scottish.