Thursday, 3 January 2013

Stay Away!

So Old Knudsen was wasting time waiting for something to cum on the telly and the first Twilight movie was on.
Wondering what the fuss was about I turned it over to watch while I waited. Watching boring high school scenes with people too old to be in high school they consisted of Bella looking miserable and Edward the vampire watching her and listening to her conversations with his super vamp hearing.

Every now and again he'd walk over to her and tell her she should stay away and how they can't be friends.
Old Knudsen usually never has to do this as people figure that out for themselves, if he does tell people then he only has to say it once.

"Hello Bella, this is yer daily reminder to stay away from me and how we should not be friends, it was difficult to find you but I did. I can smell your scent from a mile away." ...... "Is it a nice scent? What do you think my best qualities are?" 

If it's someone wanting to sex Old Knudsen up then he'll be their friend for 10 minutes or so. Soon Edward was sitting with Bella after his "stay away from me" chat up lines worked he then proceeded to point out how selfish and self absorbed she was.
Treat em mean, keep them keen. Bella is the kind of lass you can slap around and she'll stay by yer side totally confused as to why bad things happen to her ....... fuck I hate those stupid weemen.

Then again just look at the chin on her, I bet she could take a punch or two. Old Knudsen had only assumed that Twilight was shite and he was 100% spot on as usual.


Old Knudsen does not condone the hitting of weemen and thinks that any man who does it is a  cowardly prick and I want to show him what it's like when you try to bully someone who wants to fight. Old Knudsen delights in ripping these big tough guys apart.
Weemen, children, the weak, the old and sick etc need to be protected by those who are stronger.

You should only hit weemen in self defense or if shes really asking for it.