Friday, 25 January 2013

Space Sluts From Mars

At a Conference in Washington D.C.  leading women from NASA and other space-related technology giants gathered to discuss the need for weemen on the first manned space flight to Mars.

Not just for cooking and cleaning, these weemen think that having a woman on board would be an enormous milestone for humanity, and rightly so. Mankind needs to taken weemenkind on the ride into the future. 

NASA plans to have manned space flights to Mars by 2030 and a Mars base within 5 years of the first touch down. Remote controlled rockets will send important equipment to the Martian surface to cut down on time.

The male astronauts of the worldwide astoman club support the idea of having a token woman.

Living in space for  months can be physically strenuous, dangerous, isolating, itchy, claustrophobic, and psychologically stressful. A round trip to Mars would take a year and a half.

The main point that all the male astronauts agree with is that any female astronaut going to Mars should be easy on the eye . "Homely women make great astronauts but do you really want to see their plain faces as a representative of the female species? " said Ted Brenner a 4 time earth orbit veteran. "If we had to crash land on a planet and populate it with humans you'd at least want your Eve to worth it."

Major Jack Chapman of the USAF said,"Women on long haul space flights need to be trained in not only the scientific side such as cooking and cleaning but must also look good in high heels and make the effort with makeup. Most male astronauts are happy with boy, boy, girl but studies have shown that 3 guys to one gal causes trouble in the dynamics of the relationships."

Weemen  do indeed have a valuable role in NASA's space program, we are indeed the equality based society that Gene Roddenberry dreamed about for his Star Trek.