Saturday, 26 January 2013

Silicone And Sexy

Dollpark a German company that makes silicone soul mates has becum my # 1 best friend. I'm no surprised you'd find a company like this in Germany, a bunch of sad fuckers .... saying that I've put in an order of my own.

As you can see the dolls are exactly like weemen. Right doon to the inside seam and dull lifeless eyes.

You probably couldn't tell but this is a real woman ..... aye like any of my readers have seen a real woman. 
Old Knudsen does like Brunettes but this time he has ordered a blonde bombshell.

 At around 6.499, $8,651 or  £5,456 Old Knudsen has had to dip into his beer and crack fund. 

For those with less money you can have Mia. 2.898 ....... in fact if you don't mind a bit of scrubbing Old Knudsen will do you a deal on his Mia. Her 3 three love orifices may be a bit battered but it does the job. 

I loved this part of the sales pitch:
"Yes, something is missing, Mia has only rudimentary arms and legs. But who needs them? Mia
already has everything that really matters!"

No waiting for wounds to heal up a silicone lover will never try to escape or call the police.

You can buy bits too. Tits, ass, feet or even just a vadge for yer key chain.

Don't go thinking it's creepy or anything, think of it as comfort for the lonely or those who are fed up with constant nagging.
I just want to shoot my load not talk about curtains, American fucking idol or my feelings. Old Knudsen can still have sex with a head ache so whats yer fucking problem? .... as usual I'll just assume you came.... I came... Ka-Chow! Time for tea.