Thursday, 24 January 2013

Shadow Wars

So whats going on in the US? well it's guns and those poor wee children ..... that is what everyone is talking about.

For years now the US have been fighting shadow wars in North and east Africa,Yemen, former Soviet republics, Pakistan, Mexico and all over the middle east.     

These wars have ranged from using Stuxnet on Iranian computers to destroying convoys. Captured Enemies get routinely executed as do our own expendable assets.

In Mexico, US advisors are training the Mexicans to hunt doon and kill drug cartel bosses as if they were Al-Qaeda. In Pakistan it went from a few drones to many drones and ground battles with no thought of crossing borders.
There is even a shadow war going on in the US with drones collecting data on it's own people. That war has not gotten up to speed yet but when it does you won't know about it unless you read it here first.  

Four USAF men died this year in east Africa, it's hard to keep shadow wars a secret when you lose people.
Many of these wars started under Bush and like the Homeland security restrictions made by Obama he has also outdone Bush in escalating these conflicts. Bush was a clumsy idiot compared to Obama.

Just remember, what you see in the news isn't necessarily what is going on, but they made you mad enough with the gun thing so you don't see atrocities elsewhere.

I don't care how we win, these shadows cannot be allowed to beat us.