Thursday, 31 January 2013

Rock Of Rages

While walking past an area that was used for rioting the previous night I happened to spy myself a rock of excellent dimensions. 

The right size to cause damage and be propelled at a speedy and extended rate. You just don't see quality like that anymore which goes to show you that pros were behind the trouble.

"Lie still they clocked you pretty good with that rock, you'll need stitches, but hey you should take a look at the fine quality of the rock that hit you before you pass out. Craftsmanship like that means they care."  

Sitting there inside my hand,
Wondering where it is you'll land,
Strike a policeman on the head,
If the peeler ends up dead,
It wasn't me for I am innocent,
Just out from the shaps and ....... can I have me rock back please mate?