Thursday, 17 January 2013

Problem Doon New Mexico Way

Dear Old Knudsen

I have just started dating Jenna but I am worried that she still has feelings for her ex. She calls out his name when she climaxes and compares me to him. It seems that though he was much older than her and in failing health, he was a golden god when it came to sex.

The most disturbing thing is that they only dated for a week but she has kept all the used condoms as trophies pinned to her wall below a photo of him.

There are things growing in those condoms and sometimes they shout out rude things about me and tell me to kill myself.
Please I want to help Jenna but am unsure how.


New Mexico

Dear Distraught

If you want to help Jenna then jam a plug up her butt when shes on top of you and call her a nasty gurl, or you could kill yerself ya loser... go on, do it, do it.

Old Knudsen ..... always there to help.