Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Planet Of The Lemurs

I've been warning you fools for years and soon .... oh very soon my friends the Lemur federation of doom will strike.

"Dad has been a long time at the Mini Mart getting beer mom" ... you'll never see yer father AGAIN!!!

No seriously hes run off with Mrs Munez 3 doors doon, I'm sorry for yer loss but you do know that he thought you were a really dumb kid and he also didn't think you were his.

Lemurs can strike anywhere, anytime and any other things ........ so they can. ANY.

Oh aren't they cute! slash, nom nom nom yer throat.   They say I'm mad they say I'm quite muscular with a huge cock ... I don't mind what they say cos you haven't listened to Old buff Knudsen. Yer doomed!
Except for those of you who will help the Lemur overlords at Mount Shasta to organise our extermination. .. you cunts!