Saturday, 12 January 2013

Operation Barbarism

 Yes I did mean to leave the exclamation mark there. 

Lock up yer daughters and yer pets, Old Knudsen is horny and angry. Hitler had Operation Barbarossa  so thanks to idiots with their Operation Standstill I now have to make historical comparisons so that morons can see how they are behaving and how they are being seen by others. 

You lot born in Northern Ireland which is not a part of Great Britain so you are as German as Austrian Hitler was. 

The DUP sure love their flegs ..... this one is more apt for them considering this flag issue is their Kristall nacht against the Alliance party who they have demonized as Hitler did with the Jews. The DUP have an eerily similar counterpart called the GOP. 

Say one thing and do another. Have a peaceful protest then afterwards hey whatever the hoods do it wasn't during the protest. Now they just say they are going to disrupt shit because no one sane supports them.

A flag up a pole in a city you don't live in does not make you a man .... what you do does. Rioting makes you a criminal and wearing a tracksuit makes you a Spide.