Monday, 21 January 2013

Northern Ireland Needs New Leaders

Mike Nesbit the leader of the Unionist political party the UUP explains to his wife Linda why his breath smells like little Peter.

So after a month and a half of trouble that has cost us dear, trouble that was started by the First Minister of Northern Ireland, DUP leader Peter Robinson and when it got way out of control he did fuck all to stop it now ..... he and UUP leader Mike Nesbit are making plans on what to do for this year's marching season.

The fucking cheek! Beat Northern Ireland into the ground, make it lose jobs and investors, make us yet again the laughing stock of the world cos we be so dumb and backwards. Privatise the social housing sector without consulting anyone and then go on about more fucking flag waving.

Peter Robinson, you and yer voters are cunts! yer toady UUP yes men are also cunts! .... oh and those supporters of yers that don't vote because they can't reed or rite and are too busy setting people's cars on fire and throwing bricks at the police are cunts!

We need rid of yer gang colours, er sorry I mean flags. We need to outlaw the Orange Order as a hate group much like the KKK, we need to get rid of politicians who condemn the paramilitaries and then share a pint at the lodge with them.

We need change, in order to give us hope!

 Vote Alliance .... unless yer a cunt.