Wednesday, 2 January 2013

No Room To Swing A Grumpy Cat

Ya know what I'm sick of seeing on the Interwebs?  cats .... oh look how cute me cat is, ach hes licking his balls how sweet. Now hes making logs in his kitty box in the kitchen. Oh he can shit in the kitchen but Old Knudsen has to go all the way to the bathroom. 
Then theres a grumpy cat .

Isn't this soooo fucking funny? No, it isn't. A grumpy cat that hates people and tells them to fuck off?

Thats me ..... the cat in the fucking cat, now fuck off!

No one reads yer blog and all yer Facebook friends have unfriended you because you harshly mock then constantly ........ good! I'm only on the Interweb because me doctor said I needed a healthy fucking outlet because rape, torture and murder was fucking frowned upon in civilised society ... aye he went to university ya know.

Yes that was the one I raped, tortured and killed that got me locked up until the NIS (you haven't heard of them) did yon experiments to make me the perfect weapon.

Now I see this cat everywhere and I don't have any of me control meds ..... People put this shit out onto computers and never think of the consequences. Bastards! fucking bastards!