Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Movie Violence Ate My Hamster

Quentin Tarantino no doubt has a hit on his hands with his movie Django Unchained. It's a western that has the angle of a freed slave as the walking slaughter machine.... no doubt very deep like most of his films. 

Tarantino is an enthusiastic hyped up on speed and coffee fucker that loves to over do the blood in his movies much like Monty Python did. Except they did it to mock such films and he does it because he thinks it's cool.

The US media do like to be pushed in directions that will excite or exaggerate a news situation. Due to the slaughter at Sandy Hook they looked around for blame and after blaming guns .... because guns whisper to people to kill, they then blamed violence in movies as the Oscars are coming out soon.

The commercial with celebs telling you to stop the violence was more hypocritical than Romney's election campaign considering they have made their millions in violent movies.   

"Make a plan and stop gun violence ..... but remember to see my new movie Django Unchained in which I kill lots of white folks."
Liberals who have gone from being considered the brightest and the most reasonable bunch to becoming the mirror image of Republicans with kneejerk reactions and no critical thinking involved.

Wear a hoodie for Treyvon and weep for Rodney King why don't ya. 

"I demand free speech for all ...... except people who are negative and don't support my views and causes cos they are bad."   

During an interview for his new movie Tarantino was asked about his relationship with movie violence and real violence in society.

He answered the question violently.  "I refuse your question. I'm not your slave...I'm not a monkey"

He said that his views had already been put on record years ago so he wasn't repeating them ... oh but you repeat the same old movie cliches and expect us to lap it up so why not this?

I liked Inglourious Basterds even though it was quite silly in places. I dislike Jamie Foxx but will probably watch that film some time when I'm bored.

Tarantino is a dick! he loves American idol and is like a teenage boy in an ugly grown man's body. He speaks just like some of his characters do in his movies but when he says the words they come out amusing and sad rather than of cult status.

Violence on TV is as much to blame for violence in real life as much as guns are to blame, thats zero.
I'll clue you in on who is to blame for Sandy Hook, Aurora,Virginia Tech, Columbine etc etc etc ... the crazy cunts that pulled the triggers.

Being influenced by something you see on TV enough to kill someone is not something sane people do.
The blame probably has more to do with technology, living lives on a computer, phone, TV or games console ... like a form of brain washing these weak minded people become something they are not, they become cool heroes and say things they would never have the courage to say in RL. They sit in front of these screens for hours ..... the way you'd brain wash a person, they start to believe what they see everyday and that starts to conflict with reality because they don't like the fat/skinny/ugly/picked on loser they really are.
The first thing they do everyday is turn on a screen or check their phones.... thats a sure sign of addiction. When you live yer life to the schedule of a weekly TV show .... that kind of sad behaviour is more accepted in society but its addiction none the less.

If these killers were into My little pony their brains would probably be as messed up as Grand Theft auto because the weakness and the disconnect is there.   

Put blame where is belongs.