Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Jews Don't Kill

The Sunday Times showed a cartoon with Israeli leader Binyamin Netanyahu building a wall using Palestinians bits and parts, the caption read "Will cementing the peace continue?"

It's a no brainer that if you print this on holocaust memorial day people are going to get pissed. Jews are shrugging and complaining saying it was more like something you'd find in the antisemitic Arab press.

Are ya fucking stupid? .....

Of course the cartoon is totally correct. Does that make me antisemitic if I point out that the Jews have been behaving more like the Nazis towards the Palestinians? They are a vicious fanatical lot, you'll find the moderate Jews outside of Israel but inside .... oy vey!

Alas they are our crazy angry pitbull so we are complicit in their war crimes by association. The British and the Americans set this up, as the the Arabs who left the Palestinians to their fate.

Who was to know that the kicked around Jews would get angry and man up? They are a necessary evil that we need right now. If they were given Germany instead of Israel after the war they would have built up their might and have invaded Israel and who knows what else, they would have become more like that which tried to destroy them.
Look what they do with limited power and back up, they are a fearsome lot, just ask the British soldiers that served there in the late 40's.

Next time Sunday Times, when you feel like posting some bias truth, don't do it on touchy subject day.