Thursday, 10 January 2013

Jeremy Kyle Talks To The Protesters

Jeremy Kyle, who is like a British copy of American TV hosts Maury, Tyra, Montel and Springer has been asked to talk to his people ...... the Loyalist (or the Rebellious Irish) flag protesters currently in the act of destroying Northern Ireland.
The row is because the Belfast city council voted to only fly the Union flag over the city hall 17 days a year in line with other councils as it is a Royal flag and should only be flown during Royal occasions as cited by the office of the Queen. The Protestant chavs don't like this as the DUP and the UVF paramilitaries are getting them worked up about it.

Kyle: Why won't you accept the democratic decision to only fly the flag on designated days?

Protester: It makes me feel less British.

Kyle:  In what way?

Protester:  It's stripping away  me British identity and infringing on my culture.

Kyle:  Yes, but how is it doing that?

Protester:  It's not right, it's stripping away me British identity.

Kyle:  Is that just something you've heard someone say and are just parroting it?

Protester:  It's infringing on my culture, no surrender!

Protester #2: You see Jeremy it's not about a flag it's about the Protestant people not being represented in matters of housing, work and education.

Kyle: Well that came out of no where, well thought up. You do know that you have twice as many politicians .... most of them Protestant as any other part of the UK. So the weeks of protesting about the flag was merely a warm up for these issues? Did you also forget that the ruling party of Northern Ireland is Protestant ?

Protester#2: We need to be heard as a people who need fair treatment in order to have a better future.

Kyle: So it's a religious thing? do you not have enough churches? do you even go to church? The Protestant majority gets government funding every year to host parades that stirs up shit and causes trouble, what more could you possibly want?
How do you think that by destroying Northern Ireland's fragile economy at a time of recession and destroying Northern Ireland's already tarnished world image and destroying the homes and cars of your fellow paddy (Kyle is English and assumes these people from the north of Ireland are all Irish ... as most people do) can help you get jobs, education and housing? You already get free housing and education and now thanks to your rioting there are no jobs.... not that you want to better yourself with knowledge or work because you're a lazy shit.
The people with half a brain in this country got out, those left behind hate you and the rest of the world are laughing at you.

Protester#2:  It's stripping away me British identity and um no surrender!

 Liam Neeson was smart enough to get out. If he was offered the freedom of Ballymena after this shit he probably would have refused it like the first time he was offered it.

Kyle:  I'm sorry, these people are even too stupid for me.  Listen people, you can't be English because you all sound Irish and we're already full up with unemployed criminal chavs. To be honest if England could give you back to Ireland it would in a heartbeat but no, the Ireland don't like you either.

You aren't friendly, funny and can hardly speak the Queen's English and you get on like low class wiggers. Hey you in the Hollister shirt, bros have the peaks of their baseball caps at either 12 or 6 o'clock anything else means you're a moron.    

If you want to be British then go on about having the same abortion and marriage rights as the mainland does. Do we go about waving flags at Catholics to start fights? no, because you can be British and Catholic .... what a concept.

Leaves butt fuck Belfast as soon as possible.