Saturday, 19 January 2013

I Am A Penis God!


 Here is a picture of a large breasted woman to get you through the following post.

In the Bulgarian town of Sozopl they have taken a break from finding graves of vampires etc to pimp their tourist trade and oh look, a temple of a cock god.

Go on ye gurl ye!

Archeologists have dicovered a  temple devoted to the impressively proud ‘Phallic God’ Priapus. Known for his huge cock he gave the Christian god YHWH such a complex he punished his followers for even suggesting that other gods existed.

Such a cute wee kitty. this post will have everything you could ever need.

Priapus -- fertility god, protector of livestock -- infact he had a centre of worship in the town of Ballymena and today the Ballymeanyins still worship sheep and the like.

 The anal sheep arse judging event in Ballymena. Bet ya wanna see my booty bounce.

These guys look well too happy at finding their soulmates and future dinners.

Priapus was also the boss of fruit plants, gardens and men's junk. He warded off erectile dysfunction, whatever that is. The son of Aphrodite and Dionysus -- maybe, he thought he was all that. Mr I'm god's gift to anything with a heart beat.

Old Knudsen doesn't care if it has a heartbeat.

Old Knudsen was worshiped in Messypotamia long before Priapus was cursed in his mother's womb.

While Priapus was cursed with an ugly face and a rapey nature, Old Knudsen used his beauty and charm to get followers, in fact Old Knudsen still does.
The kids would love it when I walked through the towns, I'd put candy in me foreskin and dispense it to anyone who wanted some sugar. Like a godlike Pez.

If you see Old Knudsen be sure to stroke his penis for good luck.  Of course with the rise of Christianity all the old gods became demons and fairies or just mocked and sex became sinful.

You know who thinks that sex is sinful? those who can't control themselves thats who. Sex is cool, sex is fun, even when it's up the bum ....... I'm a warrior poet that for sure.

When Victorian archeologists found such temples to the penis full of wall carvings they usually destroyed them, never mind the historical value but they were obscene to the small repressed Victorian minds .... you know, the people who bought the west circumcision that continues today. The inventors of pornography sure had some conflicting issues. Queen Victoria loved Bukkake . 

With every stone phallic that got destroyed, Old Knudsen's power waned .... now hes on a blog reliving his glory days .

Still a god and still better than you ..... just thought I'd remind you. When you get a boner give thanks to Old Knudsen cos if you don't he'll stop yer ability to do so right when you need it most Ka-Chow!