Monday, 14 January 2013

Hugh Jackman Is British

Hugh Jackman has revealed that his Bafta nomination for  Les Miserables is an honour because he's British.

Jackman was born in Sydney to English parents but now counts himself as a Brit when it suits him, despite living in Australia.
"My parents are English and I have a British passport so I'm a British citizen." said Jackman in a non-threatening very secure in himself way. 

"I look up to many of those English stars and the English system. I've been there for many years working, and to be recognised there, it really does mean a lot to me. I am very excited to be there and I will be there with bells on."

When asked about the rioting over the British flag in Northern Ireland Jackman said, "I'm British not Irish but don't get me wrong I do like the odd pint 'O' Guinness." 

It also turns out that Jackman does not feel the need to fly a Union flag for 365 days a year and the only band he likes is big band to entertain people with his singing and dancing.  Still this Australian manages to feel British.
You know how? ..... cos he doesn't have a small penis thats how.