Friday, 4 January 2013

How Dare They Block Old Knudsen

So yet another flag protest ends in petrol bombs. On that same night elsewhere Old Knudsen himself was prevented from going where he wanted to due to a flag protest. 

Why is this put up with? .... oh thats right, they are on the side of the ruling party. Conflict of interest anyone?

Blocking the junctions with their upside down flags (see above) while the police stand around and let them do it... they don't want any trouble you see.
If there is only traffic blockages then they can say it was a peaceful protest even though blocking the roads is illegal.

I call for some police brutality to put these trouble makers in their place or they'll just keep doing this. As a former paramilitary leader mentioned, it's giving groups like the IRA a chance to plant bombs because they'll know not only where a load of Prods are but that the police are busy and stretched to capacity.

The only voice of reason on that side and no one will listen to him ... that would be Jackie McDonald in case anyone didn't know.

It's called zero tolerance people ..... look it up.