Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Head Of The Arms Dealing Department

Old Knudsen wasn't going to mention this article but then he thought, maybe there are others out there who ship severed heads or like to receive them ... why should we feel all alone because of others and their issues? 

Just before Christmas customs officials at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport discovered 18 pieces of cargo that had arrived from Rome. Labeled as human specimens, each piece came individually wrapped and were contained in three large coolers. If you've been to Old Knudsen's home and were lucky enough to escape .... just imagine the coolers he has in his garage... Thats the same type.

It was 18 embalmed heads but because of incomplete paperwork there was an unknown destination, Stupid woppy people. 
Yes lets send some heads but it's not important to double check the details, just poor people's heads anyway, loads more of those around, momma mia.  

A Chicago-area cremation service turned up at the medical examiner’s office to reclaim the preserved specimens.
Why would a cremation service need to import Italian heads? ..... maybe its in the constitution and it's their right.  Yanks are very big on the self entitlement, gog forbid if they ever went socialist they would be 10 times worse. Can you describe the heads to make sure they are yours? "They are some spicy meat balls!"

The cremation service told authorities the heads had been sent to an Italian facility for medical research by a different entity and shipped back to Chicago for disposal.... All very fucking dodgy, do the eyeties not have ovens? why could they not have sent them to Germany, that is a lot closer.  

I bet it's testing on zombies and how to kill their heads without shooting them.

The heads will be X-rayed and photographed prior to their release as they might be smuggling brains into the US... can't be having that.

Old Knudsen used to be an arms dealer and would sometimes do the odd recreational head. Here is my current GF, I've been dating her for nearly a week now so I think it's time our relationship went a step further. Lets hope yer noggin is as good as her body was.... which reminds me I gotta take the boat out later when it gets dark.  yes  Old Knudsen is the consummate gentleman, he does not rush things.