Saturday, 26 January 2013

Happy Holocaust Memorial Day!

Just thinking about people taking offense ..... some folk will take offense at anything. Put a historical picture up of a famous leader of Germany and they go nuts, even if they aren't German.

It's holocaust memorial day Sunday 27th January. On Friday in a minor town outside of Belfast they had a holocaust memorial event which screened the movie 'Downfall' no not the funny ones you find on Youtube about Hitler playing Mass Effect 3 but the crappy all in German one.

I bet that fucked the people of Northern Ireland up having to um .... read.

So for the Holocaust memorial day they show a Hitler movie. Ach they must have gotten some kind of idiot funding for it. On Remembrance Sunday I bet they'd screen war movies for the veterans. 

We have dicks here that put up Israeli flags in support of ........ well not really in support of anything. The average sectarian mong no doubt thinks that because the Orange Order claims to be founded by the lost tribe of Israel then the Jews must hate Catholics too.

Don't tell that to the average joe in the street as they think the Jews are in control of everything. The Jews probably set up the Holocaust just to make Hitler look bad.... oh and Jesus was a white, blue eyed Protestant!

They also blame the police here for giving the people no choice but to riot. In fact they scream police brutality when the police officer doesn't say please and it's the police who block the roads, not us throwing bricks and petrol bombs.  The people of Northern Ireland really are fucking thick and the others pretend nothing is wrong and would rather no talk about it .... because it's offensive and so are you for pointing out the problem... blah blah blah, not listening, can't hear you.   

If I worried about offending people I'd not have a thing to say. I suffer from a medical condition called chronic boredom which means that I need to offend people .... getting them angry is the only way to see if some of them are even alive or is posting on Facebook what they are having for dinner the height of their passion? ... I'm doing the cunts a favour.

I should be used to the fact that some people don't have opinions and can't form them. When they get offended it's merely a programmed response, monkey see monkey do.

Should we react how society or a religion tells us how to react or should we think for ourselves?  The sheeple take offense when others form an opinion that they can't comprehend ..... that kind of stupidity offends Old Knudsen but it's like hating a dog for not being able to talk, I should be more forgiving .... um why? 

Unless these people have earned Old Knudsen's respect then he doesn't give a fuck if they feel offended or not.... as easy as that.
Say yer offended, say yer angry by all means .... I likes a good laugh at people.