Friday, 25 January 2013

Friday Clueless

Rumours that actor Steve Buscemi is actually a lemur agent seeking the destruction of mankind were proven to be false.
His eyes are actually the result of an Italian father and an Irish mother, noses also run in his family.

Buscemi who is known for such movies as Fargo and one flew over the cuckoos nest has recently become a spokesperson for the agricultural group Monsanto and will be touring Asia to sell corn syrup to developing nations. 

Well Old Knudsen is embarrassed, he was sure that Buscemi was a lem-tool . 

Using my gen 3 night scope last night I saw some odd goings on involving a Tesco van and a horse owned by the gypsy family across the road. I guess I'll never know what thats about.

Oh speaking of Tesco I'd better get doon there and get some more burgers ..... what?