Saturday, 19 January 2013

Flag Protests Get A Time Out

The dickheads were out blocking roads and causing trouble again on a cold and snowy Saturday night. What other twats block roads and inconvenience their fellow countryman/woman/child on a night when driving conditions are dangerous enough? ..... oh yeah stupid morons without a life.

Yes yer point was made ..... yer inbred, poorly educated chavs, we get it.

The police actually moved them off the roads as they should have done a month ago. The police also handed out leaflets sternly stating how these dickheads were breaking the law by blocking roads and covering their faces ...... "I'm going to close my eyes and you'd better not be breaking the law when I open them or I'll give you another stern yet polite vocal warning."

I'm sure these little boys with their banners and flegs screamed, "police brutality" .... Why do these protests remind me of Monty Python?