Saturday, 5 January 2013

Denny's Hates Cops


In Belleville, Illinois some on duty detectives with the Belleville Police Department dropped in to Denny's for some food.
Dressed in plain clothes (because they are detectives) they had their badges and guns but of course no uniforms.

A fellow patron who sounds like a knee jerk gun hating Prius driving trendy activist liberal complained to a manager, who then complained to one of the detectives telling them to take their guns to their car or leave. No guns allowed!

Upon further discussion, they found out they were  plain-clothed police officers but the damage had been done .... way ta go you climate changing Al Gore licker.

Denny's policy permits law enforcement officials to carry their firearms in the restaurant, and they now regret any misunderstanding.

The general manager tried to clear up the misunderstanding before the detectives left, but now the department's chief banned on-duty and off-duty police in uniform from returning to the restaurant.

"This was an insult, a slap in the face, to those detectives and to all of the men and women who proudly wear the uniform or badge and serve in law enforcement," said Police Chief William Clay.

"The manager of Denny's speaks for Denny's. This policy effectively prohibits on-duty sworn police officers from dining in a Denny's Restaurant, but allows 'registered sex offenders,' 'felons' and or 'pedophiles' to enjoy a dining experience in Denny's."

Dennys is a place that is often open when other places are not. They often have 'rough' people in them so a cop with a gun would be handy to have. Altercations are not uncommon. 

So well done Dennys, you fuck wits.